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Ekondo makes it easy to become a plant parent.
We help you find the right plants for your space, deliver them to you, and connect you to lifetime support 💚.


Why Ekondo?

Unbeatable quality We source directly from top-rated growers, so we can sell the finest quality plants and pots at the very best prices.

African patch.jpg

why plants in your home

A benefit of having plants at home is that house plants are nature’s best air cleaners. Not only do they provide needed oxygen, but they can remove common indoor air toxins, such as cancer-causing formaldehyde.


Fill empty corners with a tall, thin plant like Silvy the satin pothos on a mosspole or Phil the philodendron scandens. Minimal floorspace, maximum impact.


Don’t forget your pots. Matching neutral pots will look clean and elegant, while a mix of styles and patterns looks eclectic and fun.


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