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Our Story

We are a group of friends who set out to create fun and simple household products for everyday living. We started by hand-creating beautiful planters for indoor plants, after doing this for a while, we evolved.

From our interactions with our customers, we discovered that people didn't just want beautiful planters, they wanted suitable plants to go in them and information on how to care for the plants.

We decided to take this up with one simple goal - “Plants for Everyone”.

You get a plant.gif

Growth Stage

We particularly love the framework of intention taught by Akanka with steps to: Slow Down, Give Gratitude and Take Responsibility.

🪴 Plants teach us patience (slow down). Just like in life, any kind of growth takes time and everyone is allowed to grow at their own pace. Each plant has its own unique growth cycle and cannot be pressured into growing like another plant.

🪴 For every new leaf that sprouts up, you are thankful for growth, and for every old leaf that drops you are thankful for its contribution to the plant's growth through photosynthesis. This also helps us appreciate the beauty in the world that surrounds us and the little steps we take towards making our lives better.

🪴 Caring for plants is both fun and teaches us a lot of life skills. A voice in your head constantly reminding you to water your plants and the inner satisfaction that comes from seeing your plants blossom teaches us that growth is intentional and with little, but consistent effort, there’s no limit to our growth.

The Ekondo Life

 We are here to make plant parenting fun and easy. We don’t just sell plants to you, we send you hands-on tips and tricks to help you in your journey and also connect you to our community of plant parents so you don’t feel alone growing your urban jungle. We want you to enjoy the life-enriching benefits of plant care and introduce you to Living the Ekondo life.

We are excited to get our hands in the dirt to grow the next generation of plant parents in Africa. 💚

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